My favourite restaurant is Swiss Chalet – a Canadian casual dining chain of chicken + rib restaurants predominantly located around the Southern Ontario region.

The old wordmark conjures nostalgia of early childhood visits with family + teenage first dates + skipping school + Yonge Street shopping trips of adolescent times.

Earlier this year I made a Swiss Chalet tribute t-shirt using the retro wordmark in a box logo format and placement popularized by the clothing brand Supreme New York.

Swiss Chalet Skateboard Team is a loose project where I get together with friends, hit up Swiss Chalet skate spots, catch up over a meal, then create video clips that feature the days footage intercut with Swiss Chalet commercial footage from the 1980’s.

You’ve Never Had it So Good – Johnny Tang


Festive Special Part 1 – Kris Sharon


Festive Special Part 2 – Tommy Keith AKA Tommy Boarder